Name: Trade Match 
Profile: Copy trading platform
Joining fee: No
Currencies: GBP/EUR/USD
Minimum deposit: 500 GBP/EUR/USD

Copy trading is a method of financial market trading where novice investors follow the profiles of experienced traders and copy their trading strategy with the purpose the gaining profits when these strategies are successful. 

Advanced traders also benefit by receiving remuneration each time a profitable trade is copied. Copy trading has become popular with the development of the technologies and internet, as now anyone can take advantage of the provided opportunities from the comfort of their own homes. 

This review focuses on the Trade Match copy trading platform, including features, starting the process and other details to help you make an informed decision whether this copy trading platform is right for you. 

Trade Match Overview

Trade Match copy trading platform is developed to answer the needs of novice investors with no or limited experience who wish to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities provided by the financial markets by simply copying high performing trading strategies shared by experienced traders. 

The platform impresses with a sleek design and easy to navigate interface. New users can start their journey in just a few easy steps, and there are various features to help them maximise their experience. 

Advanced traders who wish to share their trading strategies with Trade Match receive a personal profile page, a partner link to share with their peers on social media and ongoing technical support. 

Trade Match Features 

In copy trading, the most important step for an investor is choosing a trading strategy to copy. Trade Match facilitate that decision-making process with various features. 

As an investor, you start your journey by monitoring the traders' ranking lists. Their position is determined by the performance of their trading strategies. To assist investors in their selective process, the verification team at Trade Match evaluate the performance of the trading strategies based on five different criteria - risk level, asset under management, best monthly performance and drawdown level. 

Based on how the trading strategies performed against these criteria, traders take higher or lower positions in the rankings. Additionally, investors can take a detailed look into the trader's profile then click on their name. The information included can help investors to compare traders based on additional criteria such as absolute gain, average monthly performance, maximum drawdown and trading since inception. 

Another valuable feature that can help investors to enhance their experience is the Risk Management system. It allows them to effectively control how much of their capital is exposed to risk with each trading strategy they add to their account. 

The risk management system includes three variables - Take Profit, Multiplier index and Stop Loss. They can be modified each time a new trading strategy is added to the investor's account or at any point when the investors see it necessarily. 

Using the rankings system and adjusting the risk level settings can help investors to make a balanced decision and enhance their experience. 

How to Join Trade Match

Joining Trade Match is free, and it takes only a few steps. As mentioned, investors first head towards the ranking lists to choose a trading strategy best matching their investment goals. The next step is to complete the registration process. The procedure is standard when financial transactions are involved and include some personal information and identity verification that can be done with an ID or passport. 

When the registration is complete, investors can open their accounts by selecting funding and withdrawal methods and preferred currency. They can select among a wide range of methods, including bank deposits or card transfers. 

At that point, you can already add a chosen trading strategy to copy. Still, before that, make sure the risk level settings are adjusted to a position that matches your investment appetite. 

Once the trading strategy is added to your account, the Trade Match copy trading platform will automatically place orders on your behalf according to the trader's decisions. You can monitor the performance of your account at any time, add or remove trading strategies, modify the risk level settings. 

Additionally, Trade Match provides customer support service for both traders and investors available via email, live chat or phone call. 





- easy navigate interface
- quick starting process for new investors
- risk management system



- no social trading services 


Trade Match Review Copy Trading Platform Features

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